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Pup under new Managemen, that nobody cares about!!! [Sunday
June 29th, 2008 at 12:55pm]

Yeah, so Daniel is now, mine. Who is this you ask? It's Anna.

Shut up.

I will be taking over him... now. As of this point, he's reset. He won't remember any of you, and if you remember him, well, have fun trying to figure out what's wrong. Also, I am not as far into the series as the previous mun, so this one is gonna be from season 5 ,so ha!

Also, if you would like to know, this was not a hostile take over on my part, well maybe a hostile take over of my BRAIN!

And to all of you, I hope we all have fun. Onward to crack!

And can't you tell I have read some in this comm?
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May 12th, 2008 at 9:15pm]

Hey guys, dunno if any of us still watch this comm anymore but...

Anyway! I need help for a Janet!plot!

When I first brought her to Milliways, I always had it in mind that I would eventually ascend Janet, but only after she'd hung around for a bit...I kind of saw the bar as a stopping point before ascension for her. I think this would be a good time for me to do it now that I am motivated (mostly by watching Heroes 1 and 2 with Teal'c-mun today :`( )

So I was thinking (and it will probably take place over the course of a month. Finals, argh) that what I would like is for each SG character to tag an OOM (once I write it) one at a time. Kind of as an encouragement sort of thing but also so that she has some help ascending.

So! If you can help, it would be great! It would be awesome if all of SG-1 could do it but anyone she's met in the bar would be wonderful too!

Let me know :D


Oh yeah, before I forget: I'm not retiring her, just giving her a cooler way of entering the bar every now and then...plus, ascension feels much more final for Janet and I've always wished she could have ascended in the show!
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A random Wraith for Milliways. [Tuesday
May 6th, 2008 at 3:44pm]

Tell me who wants to thread with Todd, this way we can be nicely evil to out pups. I honestly don't care if you guys want to thread with him or not, but seeing as you are his canon mates I decided to give you all the chance for fun evil plottage. Aside from that he's gonna be running into an immortal, killing her and then seeing her alive again, so any ideas on that? Didn't think so, the mun for that other pups is being deliciously mean to her pups.

Ideas, comments, concerns?
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Public Service Annoucement - That no one cares about.. [Sunday
April 29th, 2007 at 8:14pm]

Alright. So. Cassie and Billy got married last night.

Now. I mention this because there are very few people in Milliways who will care, but we're thinking that the Stargate people might. (I mean, other than the obvious Sam and Janet)

We probably won't do anything in Milliways unless Milliways people really want it. Also? when we bring Billy and Cassie in, about Friday or so? Will Jack please tag them so that Billy won't worry about Jack killing him? And so that if Jack does try to kill him.. Cassie can like throw herself in the way of the zat or something. 'k? Thanks.
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this puncturing thingy [Monday
March 5th, 2007 at 9:33pm]

So, Wormhole X-Treme! covers pretty much all our bases, amirite? Of course I am.


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February 13th, 2007 at 9:07pm]

Right. With the appearance of Jack and Daniel in the bar it reminded me to post this. Due to time, interest, and a thousand other reasons, after very little playing of Lorne I've requested that the mods delete him from the game and I thought I should let you all know in case anyone was wondering what had happened to him in game.

I'm very sorry I wasn't able to play him much or that he (and I) never got to interact with any of the Stargate characters (and muns), but I thought someone else out there would be able to do him much more justice than I could.

So, anyway, keep up all the wonderful work and good luck to all of you!
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January 24th, 2007 at 9:09pm]

Hey guys -- so that Colonel General guy! Whatsisname, Jack! Yeah, apparently he's under new management.

As you can see, the new mun (i.e. me) has the old journal, for continuity's sake and all that. I hadn't made a post yet because I was trying not to jump the gun/shark/other volatile object (AND A GOOD THING THAT TURNED OUT TO BE), but I guess I've been preempted by two people now so I might as well warn you all in advance and see if anyone has any strong "OMG NO DON'T DO IT" reactions... :D?

Obviously this isn't 100%, given that I need to re-app him, but if I do get him through all that, well, a couple things. First, Jack's going to be from the same parallel universe as our new Daniel, which means when I post him in the bar, he won't recognise it. BUT -- his old Millicanon still stands (because dude, zatting Bar is like the best thing ever), so if your character has met him before, feel free to play with that. He might blame it on Loki, but whatever.

Second ... I forget what the second thing was...

Anyway, I haven't decided what point in canon he'll be from yet -- same as Daniel, maybe same as Teal'c once I talk to that new mun again -- but probably not current, at least not right away; sorry, Atlantis-muns. But, you know, timelines and weirdness is par for the course, so that's fine too.

Lastly ... yeah, this is vaguely sekrit for now. Sorry. I mean, you can probably figure it out from my writing style, I get paranoid about that sometimes, but still, I like to be vague when I start out. It keeps things more honest. But I promise to be awesome. *grin*
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January 24th, 2007 at 5:01pm]

Uh, hi.

As kind of an addition to Jenny's post below, Daniel Jackson and Jack O'Neill are not our only SG-1 friends under new management.

Teal'c has returned. Quite possibly in better condition. The mun wishes not to reveal him- or herself for now, but the important part is that Teal'c is, also as below, entering as though he would not recognize this place, having never found himself in this location before.

Also, I THINK I'm bringing him in from season 3, possibly later, depending on when Jack-mun, Daniel-mun and I figure out. Plus--I have been receving MASSIVE STARGATE TRAINING the last few weeks--like 17 episodes in a single weekend (Janet-mun, my brain hurts from that still!!!). ANYHOW--point is, he'll be in, and from early SG-1, and most probably by summer, he'll have run at LEAST to Season 8. Capeche?

That is all.
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Hi. [Wednesday
January 17th, 2007 at 11:23am]

Hey guys--

Uh, if you haven't heard, Daniel Jackson is once again under new mun management. Which would be me, who's still currently in the process of fixing up his journal and everything.

I don't really know much about his past Millicanon, so I'm going to go with the whole parallel universe idea Stargate is so found of -- my Daniel has never been to Milliways before. That was another Daniel from a remarkably similar world. So, when this Daniel walks through the door, it's going to be his first time there. Yay!

He probably won't be in for a couple weeks (give or take) - partially because I have yet to decide whether or not he's from current season or not (which is partially dependent on the new Jack O'Neill-mun and partially dependent on, well, my indecisiveness) and because classes just started for me, and I'm getting a handle on that. Not to mention finishing the fifty million other things I was supposed to be doing during break.

But, uh, I'm rambling. Partially cause I've never adopted a character before, and partially because, well, he's Daniel. And I'd like to do a good job playing him. I am an anthropology major with a focus on archeology, if that helps at all! And I have watched Stargate for years (although sadly, most of my DVDs at home).

Right, so, I guess that's everything and all. I look forward to bringing him soon!
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September 2nd, 2006 at 9:20am]



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The "Janet finds closure" plot [Friday
February 17th, 2006 at 10:44pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

So. Janet's been restless lately and I realized that's only because she's worried about Cassie. I decided to give her plot to help her with that. It was originally going to be plot involving 'Ripple Effect' but that's a separate one now. Oh and, by the way, Shep-mun! Is it still okay if Sheppard brings her those mission reports? If not, I'll have Bar give them to her.

Anyway, Janet!plot. I made it so she could only stay on Earth for about five minutes otherwise she would disappear completely and not be able to return to Milliways. Oh, and the thing with the event horizon...it is real and the reason it works without a stargate and can go both ways has something to do with the bar and will eventually tie in and be explained with another future Janet!plot. So, the links are here:Collapse )
Oooookay. No more breaky for Janet. Only Happy/fun plot things for a while!

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October 7th, 2005 at 10:47am]

We are the Replicators.

If you want us to assimilate play with you, please make sure to read the userinfo.

We will put up a request in the ways_back_room when we are ready to play. It may be a week or so before we are prepared to play. But be prepared...

We will mimic you...
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October 5th, 2005 at 5:48pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Browsing through the new cast list, I noticed that we have some new characters: Replicators (fear!), Dr. Mckay, and Commander Kolya.

Anyone know who plays them?

Oh, and who plays Daniel now?

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backstory update / revamp for Martouf... [Tuesday
October 4th, 2005 at 4:03pm]

Posting this here to Gate-ways first... get a vibe from the Stargate muns first before Martouf gets a chance to, possibly, make a reappearance...

updated backstory stuffCollapse )
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August 17th, 2005 at 11:36am]

[ mood | annoyed ]

Eeep. My internet crapped out on me last night! So sorry to Sam-mun and Shep-mun, I don't know when I will get it running again (I'm on my parent's computer at the moment but can't stay on for long). Lai, I'll tag Sam when I get a chance, but it will most likely have to be slowtimed. *grumbles* The one night I had saved for rp...

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Sam Plot!! [Tuesday
August 16th, 2005 at 1:06am]

[ mood | ecstatic ]

Guess what!! Lai is back!
Which, of course means that Sam is back in the bar! Wheee!
And, it follows that Sam-plot must be finished! (finally)

Aight! So. Several of y'all have been asking me about Sam-plot, so let me try to explain it.

Sam came to the bar from a planet on which she tried to learn more about (because, it's what they do). And, in doing so, she turned it on, and it affected her.

What the device does is heightens emotions. It does not manufacture emotions that are not already there, but makes the emotions that are there more intense. In other words, the device wouldn't make Sam kill anyone, because she does not hate people and therefore could not kill them. However, under the right conditions she might become angry enough to hurt someone.

The device is not large - Sam is most likely carrying it on her person. She doesn't know (or at least, hasn't told me) what type of technology it is.

It won't effect anyone else.

She is not aware that anything is wrong. She doesn't know she is acting any differently. She wasn't aware the the device was activated, nor that she was affected by it.

Right now, she will probably act normally, because what got her into an emotionally tizzy before (keeping Janet's death a secret and such) is now over with and so she's better. However, if she gets worked up again (angry, sad, worried, or any other strong emotion) she will be set off again until it's resolved.

Does that make sense to everyone?

Did I leave anything out?

Let me know if anyone needs any clarification, and please offer feedback and in help in anyway possible.



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August 13th, 2005 at 4:04pm]

Posted THIS in the Milli-backroom - and posting link to it in here now... just so any of you who might not be paying attention to the milli-backroom, but are paying attention to this one can see...

'tis about Martouf and what I'd like to do with his uncooperative butt.... *pokes Martouf*
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July 21st, 2005 at 10:37pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

I am now the Teal'c man!...But I won't be able to start REALLY playing for about a week.

I don't have AIM yet, but I do have Y!M, so Contact me; I'm Pheonixsong! My Email is Pheonixsong at sbcglobal dot net

...And ..I'm new to milliways...so be nice ;D

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New guy! [Friday
July 15th, 2005 at 10:39pm]

Well, not exactly. I also play KARR and Raptor Red, but I just got Sheppard approved and wanted to say hello. Hopefully I'll be able to catch the rest of the Stargate pups online-if you want to get in touch with me, just IM me.
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~ not quite, but almost ~ [Thursday
July 14th, 2005 at 2:05pm]

I've app'd Thor to Milliways, but he's not in quite yet... just waiting on the approval.

But, as soon as he's approved, I'll send him in. ;)
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