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Sam Plot!!

Guess what!! Lai is back!
Which, of course means that Sam is back in the bar! Wheee!
And, it follows that Sam-plot must be finished! (finally)

Aight! So. Several of y'all have been asking me about Sam-plot, so let me try to explain it.

Sam came to the bar from a planet on which she tried to learn more about (because, it's what they do). And, in doing so, she turned it on, and it affected her.

What the device does is heightens emotions. It does not manufacture emotions that are not already there, but makes the emotions that are there more intense. In other words, the device wouldn't make Sam kill anyone, because she does not hate people and therefore could not kill them. However, under the right conditions she might become angry enough to hurt someone.

The device is not large - Sam is most likely carrying it on her person. She doesn't know (or at least, hasn't told me) what type of technology it is.

It won't effect anyone else.

She is not aware that anything is wrong. She doesn't know she is acting any differently. She wasn't aware the the device was activated, nor that she was affected by it.

Right now, she will probably act normally, because what got her into an emotionally tizzy before (keeping Janet's death a secret and such) is now over with and so she's better. However, if she gets worked up again (angry, sad, worried, or any other strong emotion) she will be set off again until it's resolved.

Does that make sense to everyone?

Did I leave anything out?

Let me know if anyone needs any clarification, and please offer feedback and in help in anyway possible.


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