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The "Janet finds closure" plot

So. Janet's been restless lately and I realized that's only because she's worried about Cassie. I decided to give her plot to help her with that. It was originally going to be plot involving 'Ripple Effect' but that's a separate one now. Oh and, by the way, Shep-mun! Is it still okay if Sheppard brings her those mission reports? If not, I'll have Bar give them to her.

Anyway, Janet!plot. I made it so she could only stay on Earth for about five minutes otherwise she would disappear completely and not be able to return to Milliways. Oh, and the thing with the event horizon...it is real and the reason it works without a stargate and can go both ways has something to do with the bar and will eventually tie in and be explained with another future Janet!plot. So, the links are

First, there are the dreams about Cassie.

And then Janet wonders (not for the first time) why she can still see the bar door. The Cassie in her dream tells her to open it.

So she does.

There is a brief reunion and Janet gives Cassie her necklace before having to come back.

Janet is feeling a lot better and is hopeful that Cassie will someday find Milliways.

Oooookay. No more breaky for Janet. Only Happy/fun plot things for a while!
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