Daniel Jackson (diehard_daniel) wrote in gate_ways,
Daniel Jackson


Hey guys--

Uh, if you haven't heard, Daniel Jackson is once again under new mun management. Which would be me, who's still currently in the process of fixing up his journal and everything.

I don't really know much about his past Millicanon, so I'm going to go with the whole parallel universe idea Stargate is so found of -- my Daniel has never been to Milliways before. That was another Daniel from a remarkably similar world. So, when this Daniel walks through the door, it's going to be his first time there. Yay!

He probably won't be in for a couple weeks (give or take) - partially because I have yet to decide whether or not he's from current season or not (which is partially dependent on the new Jack O'Neill-mun and partially dependent on, well, my indecisiveness) and because classes just started for me, and I'm getting a handle on that. Not to mention finishing the fifty million other things I was supposed to be doing during break.

But, uh, I'm rambling. Partially cause I've never adopted a character before, and partially because, well, he's Daniel. And I'd like to do a good job playing him. I am an anthropology major with a focus on archeology, if that helps at all! And I have watched Stargate for years (although sadly, most of my DVDs at home).

Right, so, I guess that's everything and all. I look forward to bringing him soon!
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