Teal'c (rebel_jaffa) wrote in gate_ways,

Uh, hi.

As kind of an addition to Jenny's post below, Daniel Jackson and Jack O'Neill are not our only SG-1 friends under new management.

Teal'c has returned. Quite possibly in better condition. The mun wishes not to reveal him- or herself for now, but the important part is that Teal'c is, also as below, entering as though he would not recognize this place, having never found himself in this location before.

Also, I THINK I'm bringing him in from season 3, possibly later, depending on when Jack-mun, Daniel-mun and I figure out. Plus--I have been receving MASSIVE STARGATE TRAINING the last few weeks--like 17 episodes in a single weekend (Janet-mun, my brain hurts from that still!!!). ANYHOW--point is, he'll be in, and from early SG-1, and most probably by summer, he'll have run at LEAST to Season 8. Capeche?

That is all.
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