Jack O'Neill (_jack_oneill) wrote in gate_ways,
Jack O'Neill

Hey guys -- so that Colonel General guy! Whatsisname, Jack! Yeah, apparently he's under new management.

As you can see, the new mun (i.e. me) has the old journal, for continuity's sake and all that. I hadn't made a post yet because I was trying not to jump the gun/shark/other volatile object (AND A GOOD THING THAT TURNED OUT TO BE), but I guess I've been preempted by two people now so I might as well warn you all in advance and see if anyone has any strong "OMG NO DON'T DO IT" reactions... :D?

Obviously this isn't 100%, given that I need to re-app him, but if I do get him through all that, well, a couple things. First, Jack's going to be from the same parallel universe as our new Daniel, which means when I post him in the bar, he won't recognise it. BUT -- his old Millicanon still stands (because dude, zatting Bar is like the best thing ever), so if your character has met him before, feel free to play with that. He might blame it on Loki, but whatever.

Second ... I forget what the second thing was...

Anyway, I haven't decided what point in canon he'll be from yet -- same as Daniel, maybe same as Teal'c once I talk to that new mun again -- but probably not current, at least not right away; sorry, Atlantis-muns. But, you know, timelines and weirdness is par for the course, so that's fine too.

Lastly ... yeah, this is vaguely sekrit for now. Sorry. I mean, you can probably figure it out from my writing style, I get paranoid about that sometimes, but still, I like to be vague when I start out. It keeps things more honest. But I promise to be awesome. *grin*
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