Jack O'Neill (_jack_oneill) wrote in gate_ways,
Jack O'Neill

this puncturing thingy

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Me and Lai used that excuse when we met our pups during one of the muns-and-pups-inna-backroom-crack things :D
Seriously. Cassie would probably go,
"So you've heard of the Stargate.


Want some tea?"

And Sam would probably either be busy saying "Er. There is no Stargate program. *COMPLETELY IGNORES THE FACT THERE WAS ONE BEHIND MILLIWAYS FOR SEVERAL MONTHS* I do not know what you are talking about. *shifty* I need to go upstairs now."

Or "Oh. You've seen that show."

In a canon that constantly deals with alternate realities and parallel universes.. the idea that someone out there has heard your story isn't that far fetched. At least, in our opinion.