Todd the Wraith (shakemy_hand) wrote in gate_ways,
Todd the Wraith

A random Wraith for Milliways.

Tell me who wants to thread with Todd, this way we can be nicely evil to out pups. I honestly don't care if you guys want to thread with him or not, but seeing as you are his canon mates I decided to give you all the chance for fun evil plottage. Aside from that he's gonna be running into an immortal, killing her and then seeing her alive again, so any ideas on that? Didn't think so, the mun for that other pups is being deliciously mean to her pups.

Ideas, comments, concerns?
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As I've got sketchy online times for the foreseeable future...what's up?
Nothin just trying be patient to get Todd in. You?
Not much. You'd just asked if I was going to be online, so I thought maybe you needed to ask about something. :)
just wanted to know if you wanted to plan evil with Todd and Lorne.
What did you have in mind? Lorne is actually pre-Todd in canon right now. That is, Sheppard has met Todd, but Todd hasn't come to Atlantis yet.
That's perfect we can at least have a brief interaction. Lorne doesn't need to tell Todd where he's from.
Just as a warning, any interaction is likely to lead to violence in the Bar...
oh yeah
I think, that Todd will be at least a little civil with the humans of the bar.