Daniel Jackson (diehard_daniel) wrote in gate_ways,
Daniel Jackson

Pup under new Managemen, that nobody cares about!!!

Yeah, so Daniel is now, mine. Who is this you ask? It's Anna.

Shut up.

I will be taking over him... now. As of this point, he's reset. He won't remember any of you, and if you remember him, well, have fun trying to figure out what's wrong. Also, I am not as far into the series as the previous mun, so this one is gonna be from season 5 ,so ha!

Also, if you would like to know, this was not a hostile take over on my part, well maybe a hostile take over of my BRAIN!

And to all of you, I hope we all have fun. Onward to crack!

And can't you tell I have read some in this comm?
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